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Automatic Plate Slitting Machine (LPA-3S)

Automatic Plate Slitting Machine (LPA-3S)




This machine is specially designed for storage battery manufacturers to resolve and reduce the noise and air pollution problems that occur during the process of plates slitting. This machine produces less scrap than former plate cutting machine, and it makes the size of parted plates more precise.




♦ This machine is controlled by PLC electric machine control system.

♦ The transmission speed is controlled by inverter.

♦ Rolling slitting is used for parting plates

♦ By stacking method to collect plates with adjustable setting from 1 to 15 grid panels.

♦ Dust collection cover is applied on lug brushing. The 203x20 mm stainless steel brush is used.

♦ 2 single plates/panel for plates parting is required.

♦ Workable range of plates:

ž   Parting thickness arranges: 1.1 to 3.8 mm

ž   Total width: 210 to 320mm

ž   Total height: 90 to 165mm

ž   Length of grid lug: 15 to 30mm

ž   Material of cutting: Both Pb-Ca & Pb-Sb are suitable.

ž   The max. width of lug brush is 9.5mm

♦ The parting speed is around 50 to 100 multi-panels per minutes. (The speed also can be speeded up according to the operator's experience.)



♦ 3-phase power source, voltage and frequency are subject to customers' requirements.

♦ Machine HP used: 4KW

♦ Machine size: L 5500MM, W 1550MM, H 2200MM

♦ Machine weight: 2000KG



*Due to constant research and development, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

*The machine size and weight provided on the catalogue may be different due to different requirements from your order.