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Lead Paste Mixer
Lead Paste Mixer (LM600P)

Lead Paste Mixer (LM600P)

Stirring Capacity: 600KG




 This machine is suitable for mass-production factory.

It is simple to operate and maintain, also have low failure rate.


First, pour 600 kg of lead powder into mixing tank and add with water and agent.

Turn the power on to stir until lead powder and agent are evenly mixed.

Then, add sulfuric water, until it is mixed evenly with lead paste. The operation is completed.



♦ It is controlled by motor-driven mechanical system.

♦ It can be operated by only one person.

♦ Attached stainless steel tube for spraying sulfuric water. Stirring tank and stirring blades are made of #316 stainless steel.

♦ It will stop automatically and ring the alarm when stirring is completed.

♦ It is controlled by limit switch to restore or open tank for taking out lead paste after stirring finished.

♦ Motor is controlled by two-stage power supply.

♦ Stirring capacity is 600 kg.



♦ 3-phase power source, voltage and frequency are subject to customers' requirements.

♦ Machine HP used: Stirring motor 30HP, Tank-lifting motor 2HP

♦ Machine size: L 3500MM, W 1100MM, H 1350MM

♦ Machine weight: 2500KG

※Water tank and sulfuric acid tank are not included in this machine. You must assemble them to proper location by yourself.



*Due to constant research and development, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.


*The machine size and weight provided on the catalogue may be different due to different requirements from your order.