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Fully Automatic Casting Machine For Lead Components (LAC-30)

Fully Automatic Casting Machine For Lead Components (LAC-30)




It is an easy operating, highly effective, and fully automatic machine, which is designed to solve the problems of manpower and operation for lead components casting. Due to our plentiful experience of producing prototype LAC-20, it is improved to be more accurate and easier for operation.



First, install the mold onto the mold fixing stand. After the lead furnace, lead valve, lead ladle and mold are heated to the preset temperature, manually adjust the flow of melting lead from the lead valve and then confirm all the slide stands in proper perform the fully automatic operation.


♦ It is controlled by the PLC control system and pneumatic mechanical system.

♦ It is suitable for the lead components such as automotive battery, motorcycle battery, AVL(welding terminals)and pole terminals.

♦ The cavity of mold can be designed as follows:
10 cavities –lead part (welding part) of motorcycle.
8 cavities – lead part (welding part) of automotive for 12N24-N50.
6 cavities – for N50-N100.
4 cavities – for 120-N200.

♦ The cycle time of this machine will be 10-18 seconds.

♦ It is easy for operation and quick for replacing molds, and molds can be kept for a longer service life. One operator can care two or more sets of machines at the same time; the only task is to fill the lead ingot into the furnace when the melting lead in the furnace is not enough.

♦ It is improved, and the mold opening can be repeated many times, in order to produce more complicated lead components.

♦ It is equipped with a perfect safety device; the alarm lamp will be gone on or the machine will be stopped automatically if the air pressure is not enough or the mold is not closed completely.

Machine size and operational power

♦ 3-phase power source, voltage and frequency are subject to your requirements.
♦ Operation power: 1/4 HP.
♦ Electric heating: lead furnace 18 kw, lead valve 1.5 kw, lead ladle 2.7kw, and mould 1kw.
♦ Mold Dimension: approx. L400 MM × W100 MM × H130 MM.
♦ Machine Dimension: approrx. L2300 MM × W870 MM × H2050 MM.
♦ Packing Dimension: approrx. L3060 MM × W1200 MM × H2300 MM.
♦ Net weight: about 950 kg; Gross weight: 1100 kg.
*Due to constant research and development, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

*The machine size and weight provided on the catalogue may be different due to different requirements from your order.