Automatic Pasting Machine (LAP-200)

Automatic Pasting Machine (LAP-200)




This machine is made for storage battery manufacturer to solve the problem of uneven thickness during pasting. The design and improvement is based on the prototype of LAP120 so as obtain a higher accuracy and make it easier to control the operating speed.



♦ It is fully controlled by mechanical system.

♦ Machine speed can be adjusted by inverter.

♦ It is equipped with the vacuum type material feeding structure.

♦ The section of material feeder can be separated from main machine in order to clean main machine conveniently.

♦ Double-motor is used for transmission system of main machine. (One for pasting belt; the other for paste feeding hopper.)

♦ The pasting speed is 90-180 PCS of grid per minute.  (The speed is controlled by three inverters. The minimum speed is 0-200 PCS per minute. You can adjust the speed according to operator's experience.)

♦ According to the result of experiment, the accuracy of pasting thickness is below ±0.1 mm.

♦ The pasting mold serve long life time, also easy and quick to be replaced.

♦ The sulfuric acid rolling system in rear section of main machine can be removed according to customer's demand.

♦ Feeding hopper is controlled by pneumatic and hydraulic system to raise.

♦ Pasting belt specification: 1/4"T x 13"W x 100"L or 101"L. It's easy and quick to replace belt.


♦ 3-phase power source, voltage and frequency are subject to customers' requirements.

♦ Machine HP used:

   Main machine pasting belt 11.25KW

   Paste feeding hopper 11.25KW

   Grid feeding machine 1.5KW 

   Vacuum pump motor 1.5KW

♦ Machine size: L 3360MM, W 1360MM, H 1450MM

♦ Packing size: L 3500MM, W 1500MM, H 1700MM

♦ Machine weight: N.W.2500KG G.W.2850KG


*Due to constant research and development, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

*The machine size and weight provided on the catalogue may be different due to different requirements from your order.