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Horizontal Flash Drying Oven (LOV-80)

Horizontal Flash Drying Oven (LOV-80)




The oven is designed for storage battery manufacturers to effectively control the moisture content in plates and cracks on plates surface produced during drying process when pasting. The improved machine performs better than former type not only on the application of thermal efficiency but also on security.


♦ It is fully controlled by mechanical system. 

♦ The speed is controlled by mechanical continuously variable transmission.

♦ The gas burner is controlled proportionally to keep temperature in the oven stable and balance.

♦ The air flow and temperature of hot air circulating system are even.

♦ The drying capacity of surface is about 150 plates (2.0 mm thickness) per minute at the temperature of 190℃. (The drying capacity depends on the size and thickness of grid, adjustment of temperature and driving speed. Also can speed up the machine according to operator's experience.)

♦ There are several specifications of horizontal conveyor belt. It can be ordered according to customer's requirement.

♦ The security of gas burning system is designed perfectly because the security is always the most important.


♦ 3-phase power source, voltage and frequency are subject to customers' requirements.

♦ Machine HP used:

   Hot air circulation system 15 HP

   Vapor exhaust fan each 1 HP for 2 sets

   Horizontal conveyor 3 HP

   Product collector 1/2HP

♦ Gas burner:

   Proportional control, around 500,000 Kcal/h

♦ Machine size: L 10600MM, W 1950MM, H 2500MM 

♦ Weight: 5800KG


*Due to constant research and development, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

*The machine size and weight provided on the catalogue may be different due to different requirements from your order.